Direct Mobile Investments And No Intermediaries? Discover This News


Mobile: The population’s interest in investments is increasing more and more. As much as this market has existed for years, the recent movement offers a change: the figure of the manager or advisor, previously sought out to guide those starting to invest, is losing its appeal.

As the professional usually works with a commission on certain financial products, his recommendations may be linked to something that favors him more than the client. Therefore, you can ask yourself: “But how to invest alone, without the help of a professional?” or “Where do you start to achieve investment success?”.

One of the market’s solutions is C6 TechInvest, C6 Bank’s investment advisory, which runs on the bank’s app and is available to all clients, offering the opportunity to create a diversified and personalized investment portfolio in just a few touches, without conflicts of interest or intermediaries.

But what advantages does the C6 TechInvest offer over the traditional investing model?

Advantage #1 — Easier than it sounds

Contrary to what many might imagine, today it’s even easier to manage your own assets and get good results doing it yourself. With C6 TechInvest, you can build a diversified portfolio of national and international assets in minutes, with the help of a technology that identifies the best asset allocation according to your investment objectives, without the need for an advisor.

With the wallet assembled, you can further customize your choices and let the C6 TechInvest do the rest of the work. It periodically monitors the market and automatically makes the necessary adjustments to keep the portfolio balanced.

Advantage #2 — Greater variety of investments

It is common that more interesting assets — which provide higher yields — are only available to “premium customers”, who have higher initial values ​​to invest. This is not the case with the C6 TechInvest platform.

Can you imagine having access to a customized and diversified investment portfolio, containing national and international fixed and variable income assets? Or how about having the possibility to invest in the Brazilian stock exchange and even in US stock indices, such as NASDAQ and S&P 500? This is possible with C6 TechInvest, C6 Bank’s investment consultancy, without conflicts of interest and intermediaries, starting at R$1,000.

Advantage #3 — All in one place

One difficulty some investors may have is managing different applications and accounts. Sometimes the main bank account is one and the brokerage is another. For those just starting out, looking for a broker and opening an account can be a challenge, but not as difficult as managing both.

Another advantage of the C6 TechInvest is that it is accessed directly from the C6 Bank app. There is no need to open an account with other brokers or talk to intermediaries to build your portfolio. You customize and diversify your portfolio with the help of C6 TechInvest and, in a few taps, become your own “advisor”.


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