Diplomatic crisis with China hinders CoronaVac and Oxford


After a long wait, Brazil started this week vaccination against COVID-19, on an emergency basis. The long-awaited campaign was released last Sunday, during the meeting of Anvisa’s directors. Coronavac, from the Butantan Institute and the Sinovac laboratory, and the immunizer developed in partnership between the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca and the University of Oxford, were approved for immediate application.

The good news unfortunately also carries problems. Although it can already be produced in Brazil, CoronaVac depends on sending more inputs, similar to the AstraZeneca medicine. Both are pending approval by the Chinese government, which remains unanswered so far.

Apparently, the federal government is aware that the diplomatic crisis between Brazil and China is a predominant factor for the delay in sending the raw material for the production of vaccines. The information is from CNN, which was in contact with members of the high echelon of the government, after a meeting held at the Palácio do Planalto on Monday afternoon (18), with the theme of the troubled relationship between the two countries.

According to CNN, ministers and auxiliaries of Jair Bolsonaro have privately detailed the government’s movements and the reasons why the inputs have not yet been sent. The reports state that the order is for there to be an effort to bring China and Brazil closer.

The members say that the foreign minister, Ernesto Araújo, changed his position and maintains daily contact with China and India to try to advance the vaccine negotiations. The Brazilian chancellor has been at the forefront of direct attacks on the Chinese government.

The reports also say that two more points have hindered the sending of medicines to Brazil. The first are the “diplomatic incidents” between the two nations, including the charges by Congressman Eduardo Bolsonaro that the Chinese Communist Party was practicing espionage through Huawei.

The second involves financial issues, with the Asian country prioritizing nations that can pay better for inputs. According to a Bolsonaro assistant, “The political issue weighs, but the fact that we are a third world country also weighs. We are being treated as such ”.


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