Dior Shares Hit a Record High After BTS’s Jimin Was Announced As Its Global Ambassador


On January 16, it was announced that Jimin from BTS will become a global ambassador for the luxury brand DIOR, joining such celebrities of the global entertainment industry as Sharon Stone, Rihanna, Jennifer Lawrence, Johnny Depp and others.

Thus, Jimin became the first Asian man to be named the global ambassador of the Dior brand, which gave fans the opportunity to celebrate this event. But from a commercial point of view, it seems that Dior got the maximum benefit from this deal.

Dior is one of the most popular luxury brands. In 2022, he even took 2nd place in the popularity rating of luxury brands.

Becoming a representative of such a brand is a huge achievement in itself. But Jimin brought more.

Indeed, according to the data investing.com , Dior shares hit an all-time high after Jimin was announced as the brand’s new ambassador.

The brand has been listed on the stock exchange since 1992. After the announcement on January 16, the share price rose to 775.50 euros on the same day. On January 18, the price rose to 789.00 euros, reaching a 31-year high.

Fans, of course, showed their enthusiasm before all this, and not just positive news for Jimin.

In addition, fans around the world went to different Dior stores to buy various things in support of Jimin, despite the very high prices for some things, such as the bag he carried at the airport on his way to Fashion Week from Paris.

Many of them posted images of purchased goods on social networks.


Congratulations to Jimin!


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