Dior Boss Admits He Will Recruit Jisoo BLACKPINK If He Is Fired YG


The CEO of the fashion company Dior admitted that he wanted to recruit BLACKPINK’s Jisoo.


On September 28, Jisoo was known to be present at the Paris Fashion Week event as a brand ambassador from Dior.

While attending the event, Jisoo had a chance to meet the CEO of the Dior company, named Pietro Beccari.

In the video uploaded by ELLE Taiwan, Pietro Beccari seems to be greeting Jisoo and the staff present.

He then said to the YG Entertainment staff, “If YG fires him, please contact me. I will recruit him.”

These words were certainly said by the CEO of Dior while joking and as a form of his love for Jisoo.

The news about the interaction between Jisoo and the CEO of Dior has even become trending on the Naver portal.



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