Dinosaur Planet: Nintendo 64 can be played on the internet.


It has become common to see some canceled projects appearing on the network from time to time. The most recent of these is Dinosaur Planet, a Nintendo 64 game starring Fox McCloud that ended up becoming the Star Fox Adventures of GameCube.

The files in question were published in the Forest of Illusion profile on Twitter (the same group that recently announced that they had access to an initial version of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time), with the right to some photos of the project that looks a lot like with the game that was launched on the successor to Nintendo’s 64-bit platform.

If you are interested in checking out the game, the owner of the Twitter profile mentioned that it does not work 100% on emulators (with the right to drop some frames), but that it is capable of running flawlessly on flashcarts.

And how did he get his hands on the game? In the words of the Twitter user, he bought the disc with the game files dated December 1, 2000 from a Swiss collector.

If you are interested in checking the game, leave your opinion later in the space below for comments.


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