Dino Celebrates His Birthday With The Love Of Carat


The idol is celebrating its special day. After the news that SEVENTEEN will cancel its world tour, this day is a bit more joyful for Carat, because Dino is celebrating his birthday.

The idol is already 21 years old, 22 in Korean age, so the fandom has dedicated himself to sharing his love and support for Dino .


Through social networks, Carat used the hashtag #Happy_DINO_Day and #KPOP_FUTURE_DINOday to send his congratulatory messages to Dino , who has given them great moments by his side since he made his debut.

Despite being so young, he has managed to fulfill his dreams alongside his SEVENTEEN teammates . They have also shared their favorite videos and photos of the idol to remember each of the reasons they love it.


SEVENTEEN will not be able to tour due to the outbreak of the coronavirus, but fans continue to show their love to the boys and they wanted this day to be special for Dino . !Congratulations!


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