Dinkum: how to get cement


How to get a pickaxe and a stone crusher How to make cement

In Dinkum, players can build thriving cities, raise farm animals, hunt for food and grow various products. The use of more complex materials, such as cement, becomes necessary to increase the level of these tasks.

The only thing needed for the production of cement in Dinkum is stones. However, in order to obtain stones and turn them into cement, an appropriate license, a pickaxe and a grinding machine are required.

How to get a pickaxe and a stone crusher

To get a pickaxe, apply for a mining license in Fletch. Players will need to earn permission points by completing milestones.

Milestones can be completed by interacting with things on the island. A mining license costs 250 permit points. After obtaining a license, players can buy a pickaxe from John. A pickaxe costs 1200 Dinks.

A stone grinder can also be purchased from John for 10,000 Dinks, but before players can buy a stone grinder, they must purchase a Shop Certificate from Fletch. This makes John, the shop owner, a permanent resident of the island. To build a store, it is necessary to place the right materials in the construction area. The store requires the following:

15 eucalyptus boards 15 palm wood boards 16 nails 2 tin sheets

To get them, players will need a saw on wood and tin bars. A wood saw can be bought from John while he is visiting, and tin ingots are made using a rough furnace (an item that can be made) and tin ore.

After collecting everything, the Store will be built, and John will live on the island. Players can then purchase the necessary tools and equipment for the required number of Dinks. Dinky can be earned by selling items, meat, food, or other materials found on the island to John. Players can also earn dinks by fulfilling the requests of the inhabitants of the island.

How to make cement

Cement is produced by inserting stones into a stone mill. Before that, players need to mine stones around the island to get stones with a pickaxe. The steps for mining stones are given below:

Stand in front of the selected stone. Select a pickaxe from the list of items. Right-click to swing the pickaxe. Keep using the pickaxe until the stone breaks. Left-click to pick up the broken stones.

As soon as the players collect the stones, put the stone mill on the ground. Insert the stones one at a time, and the cement is made in less than a minute. Cement can be sold or used for crafting in Dinkum.

Dinkum is available for early access on PC.


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