Dimension 9000 Plus vs. Dimension 9000: that’s the difference


MediaTek has announced the release of the Dimension 9000 Plus as its newest chipset, which will be an interim upgrade of its flagship processor, the Dimension 9000. The MediaTek Dimension series is a line of 5G mobile processors powered by several 5G smartphones. The Dimension 9000 was the most powerful chip in the series and a competitor to the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor.

However, the recent announcement of the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 processor brought Qualcomm ahead. MediaTek, which is not far behind, has now followed suit with the Dimension 9000 Plus and will use the new Qualcomm processor as the preferred chipset for flagship phones to be released in the second half of 2022.

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The Dimension 9000 Plus is built on a 4-nanometer TSMC node, just like the Dimension 9000. This is not the only thing that has remained unchanged. The new chip has 8 processor cores in the same circuit “1+3+4 “. These cores are the same as the Dimension 9000: one Cortex-X2 Ultra-Core core, three Cortex-A710 Super-Core cores and four Cortex-A510 Efficiency cores. MediaTek also equipped the Dimension 9000 Plus with the same Arm Mali-G710 MC10 GPU. What has changed if the CPU and GPU remain the same?

Performance improvement

MediaTek has increased the processor clock speed. The Cortex-X2 Ultra-Core in the Dimension 9000 Plus runs at 3.2GHz, compared to the Dimension 9000, which runs at 3.05GHz. However, he left the Cortex-A710 cores with a clock frequency of 2.85 GHz, and the Cortex-A510 cores with a clock frequency of 1.85 GHz. The increased clock speed of Ultra-Core means a five percent increase in processor performance. In addition to the CPU, the Mali-G710 GPU also received a performance boost.

According to MediaTek, it is “the fastest Arm Mali-G710 MC10 GPU.” His press release is a bit more specific, as it states that GPU performance has increased by more than 10 percent. Calculating the math, this means that the GPU frequency that runs on the Dimension 9000 with a clock frequency of 850 MHz now has a clock frequency of at least 935 MHz on the Dimension 9000 Plus. Except for this, the other functions are the same for the Dimension 9000 Plus and the Dimension 9000. Both processors have an Imagiq 790 ISP, which allows you to simultaneously capture video from three cameras.

They are also equipped with the same Miravision 790 technology, which provides support for adaptive HDR10+ technology and support for displays with refresh rates up to 144 Hz and WQHD+ resolution. In addition, MediaTek has also equipped the new chipset with the same modem as its predecessor, which only supports networks with a frequency of less than 6 GHz, as a result of which the Dimension 1050 will remain the only MediaTek chipset with mmWave 5G support for the foreseeable future. According to the Taiwanese semiconductor manufacturer, the Dimension 9000 Plus will appear in phones starting in the third quarter of 2022.