Digital Influencers: Learn More About The Profession


Digital Influencers: Have you heard of names like Whindersson Nunes, Felipe Neto, Maisa Silva, Manu Gavassi and Carlinhos Maia? You may not identify with the type of content these people produce, but you cannot deny that you probably know them and even have to admit that they act very well as digital influencers – after all, they generate a lot of influence wherever they go.

This profession is not new, according to an excellent article published by the online roulette site Betway. It is something that was born hundreds of years ago, but which has taken on a totally different face with the advent of social media.

We are facing a market that should move around R $ 10 billion in 2021 alone, showing that we must not ignore the influence that these people have on our lives. But how does the profession of a digital influencer work? And what does the future hold for this very new and still so promising career?

How did influencers come about?

This logic of using a known person to attract attention to a brand or product is not new. So-called influence marketing is a technique that has been used at least since 1760, when Queen Charlotte promoted a porcelain brand – what can be considered the first phase of history about influence. Since then, a lot has changed, but the technique is still widely used by companies in order to attract consumers.

The aforementioned article from Betway reminds us of a famous Brazilian case: that of Xuxa and its partnership with the Monange moisturizer company, which was really marked in our memory and must have made many people join the brand. The use of celebrities who lend their influence can be understood as the second phase of influence marketing.

The third phase of this history of influence, on the other hand, is the one we are currently in. Now, anyone can be a digital influencer, not just celebrities and acquaintances. We can see this if we analyze the birth of names from platforms such as Fotolog (around 2002), YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and more recently TikTok.


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