Digital Effect Will Be Used In Sex Scenes Due To Coronavirus In Hollywood

Movie clapperboard

Hollywood will resume production of movies postponed due to coronavirus soon. However, because of the coronavirus measures that should be taken during filming, nothing will be the same. Digital effects will now be used in the sex and fight scenes, where actors must get very close.

The coronavirus epidemic hit the cinema and television industry deeply. The shooting and showtimes of many projects were delayed due to the epidemic. The American cinema industry will continue its activities soon after a long break, with the measures it will take against coronavirus.

With Hollywood continuing film productions on June 12, filmmakers will have to comply with social distance measures during filming. According to the New York Post, actors will be given hand washing training, coronavirus compliance officers will be present in the sets, and the backstage team will wear masks and visors.

Digital effect solution for scenes requiring close contact in filming

The Cinema and Television Producers Association has released a 22-page action plan that states that scenes that require players to get closer due to the coronavirus need to be rewritten or replaced with computer-generated effects (CGI). The plan was presented to the governors of New York and California to get Hollywood ready for production after a three-month break.

As part of the measures, digital effects will be used to minimize the risk of coronavirus transmission in scenes that require close contact such as fighting and sex. Hollywood studios quickly adapted to the measures by switching to virtual reality technology in April. In this way, player teams could perform their performances on digital sets during the quarantine process.


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