Digital Drawing Application Krita Added to Google Play Store for Free


Krita, which is an open source graphic design and digital drawing application, can also perform photo editing and animation work, has been added to the Play Store for free.

Many applications for graphic design and digital drawing are already in the market, but the biggest obstacle to the user is the high price tags that these applications have and users turn to free programs. However, it is not always possible to find a free application with the necessary hardware. Krita manages to gain the appreciation of users both with its drawing and graphic design aspect and with its photo editing and animation features. Using Krita, you can bring your ideas to life, edit your photos, and even create animations of your dreams.

Krita, which has been on the market for a long time, is now available for free download on the Play Store. However, it should be noted that the application was released on the Play Store with the desktop version, that is, it is not optimized for smartphones. So the app doesn’t have a touch screen compatible interface. But it still works perfectly with large tablets.

Krita’s Play Store version is listed with the latest Krita 4.2.9 patch, and unlike Windows and Steam versions, users will not pay a fee to Krita’s Play Store version. Still, users who want to support the app can make in-app purchases and have a supportive badge. If you want to try the beta version of Krita, you can reach the Play Store page here and if your device is compatible with the application, you can download it for free. As we mentioned earlier, the application uses the desktop version, so use on a widescreen device will ensure the most successful results.

Another thing that those who want to use Krita should not forget is that the application is still in beta version. The application may contain some critical bugs that will cause you to disrupt your work, yet have no solution.


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