Digital currency statement by the President of China


Chinese President Xi Jinping stated that China should proactively participate in establishing an international regulatory framework for digital currency and digital taxation.

Chinese President Xi Jinping said China should proactively participate in the work to establish an international regulatory framework on the digital currency.

“We should accelerate the digitalization of the economy, society and government, support digital optimization and development in various fields, and also proactively participate in the establishment of the international regulatory framework on digital money and digital taxation,” Cinping said in his statement titled “Issues Regarding National Medium and Long Term Social and Economic Strategies.” used the expressions.

China literally stepped on the gas in digital currency in 2020. The country, which has one of the largest economies in the world, performs the final tests of the digital yuan. A few weeks ago, the state distributed 10 million yuan of digital yuan to 50,000 citizens in Shenzhen. Yesterday, smartphone giant Huawei gave the good news that the newly introduced flagship phone Mate 40 will also be supported by the digital yuan.

Cinping’s statements also add movement to the Bitcoin price. The bitcoin price was based on $ 14,000 last year after Cinping declared its open support against Blockchain technology. A similar movement came today. The leading crypto money went up to $ 14,100 during the day. The price is 13 thousand 885 dollars at 16.50.

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