Digio may gain compatibility with Apple Pay


Digio digital bank may be the next to gain compatibility with the Apple Pay payment service. As pointed out by the MacMagazine website, when trying to link a bank credit card to the Apple application, the customer has access to the terms and conditions of use. A kind of contract between the bank and Apple.

Despite the novelty, it is still not possible to use Digio cards in Apple Pay. As reported by user Luiz C. Eudes Corrêa, when trying to add a card, the service still displays an error message.

This may be a preparation by the two companies to include the card in the list of compatible ones. Among them, cards from banks Itaú, Bradesco, Banco do Brasil, Porto Seguro and Next stand out, for example. The last one, in fact, was added to the service in early August. In addition, Apple Pay is compatible with Elo branded cards.

In the past, Neon cards were added to Apple Pay completely, but were briefly removed as it was a test. TecMundo contacted Digio’s press office, which preferred not to comment on the matter.

At this time, although there is no confirmation, other users may also notice the same behavior when trying to add Digio cards to Apple’s service. It is worth waiting for official company communications to avoid falling into possible phishing scams using the subject as bait.

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