Digimon Survive’s New Trailer Explores the Karma System and a Choice-Based Story


The upcoming Digimon Survive will feature narrative options that determine how the player’s Digimon partner will evolve throughout the game. This new turn-based role-playing game based on the cult classic Digimon franchise was first announced back in 2018, but Digimon Survive suffered from numerous delays due to the change of developer staff from Witchcraft to Hyde, as well as due to complications caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. .

While the long-running Digimon franchise has always delved into some surprisingly dark and mature themes, the developers of Digimon Survive promised a much more serious experience than past Digimon games. The plot centers on a group of teenagers who find themselves in a mysterious parallel world filled with strange digital life forms. Some of these creatures pose a serious threat to young people trying to figure out how to get home, as shown in the latest Digimon Survive story trailer. Fortunately, players will be befriending and training their own digimon partners to protect them in turn-based battles, and it looks like guardian monsters will be shaped by the many difficult choices players will make along the way.

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Earlier today, an article by John Liao, Associate Digital Marketing manager at Bandai Namco Entertainment America, was published on the official PlayStation website, which details the Digimon Survive karma system based on choice. As noted by the producer of Digimon Survive Kazumasa Habu during the recent Anime Expo Summer Showcase, this system will determine how the story of the “visual novel” will develop and what alternative forms the player’s partner Digimon will take during this dark journey through the digital world.

Your Digimon (digital monster) is a reflection of your heart in Digimon Survive 🧡

During conversations and other narrative clues, the protagonist Takuma Momozuka will have a choice between three different approaches to dialogue: Morality, a yellow color option at the top of the dialogue tree that focuses on sacrifice and justice — and pushes his partner Agumon to dialogue. The vaccine attribute, Harmony, the green choice on the right, which is centered around comparison and compromise — and attracts the player’s digimon partner to the data attribute, and Anger, the bold and direct option represented by the red choice on the left. and pushes the Digimon partner to the Virus attribute. These three attributes determine which enemy digimon the player will be strong or weak against in battle, and the choice that Takuma makes will direct players to one of several possible alternative endings. A short fragment of the gameplay video posted on the official PlayStation Twitter account demonstrates the Digimon Survive karma system in action.

The Digimon Survive system, based on karma, is relatively new to Digimon games, but it is quite consistent with the general theme of the franchise. In anime adaptations like Digimon Adventure and Digimon Tamers, human characters like Tai and Takato cause terrifying alternate digivolutions in their partner Digimon in moments of anger or recklessness, only for them to assume their more heroic, true forms when humans act. more authentic later.

Players can get a similar experience during Digimon Survive, as the game’s karma system will determine not only the path that the heartbreaking story follows, but also the various Digimon evolutions that players can control. Fans won’t have to wait long to see how their choice works, as Digimon Survive will finally be released on all major platforms on July 29, 2022.


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