Digimon Survive Walkthrough: Part 1


Part 1 of Digimon Survive opens with Takuma’s reunion with some of their friends, before leading into the first major monster threat of the game. It also features an optional secret, a number of areas to investigate, and the game’s first boss encounter too.

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This Part of Digimon Survive serves as the first opportunity for players to engage in combat outside of tutorial battles while also offering some opportunities to build up affinity with several characters.

The Woods

The Part opens with Minoru and Aoi fleeing from monsters in the woods, but Aoi is exhausted and they’re low on options. Minoru suggests hiding at the Inner Shrine and spurs Aoi onward as the cries of the monster following them grow louder.

It arrives before they have a chance to act on their plan. Minoru attempts to make a stand, but is interrupted by the sudden arrival of two new monsters, who may be familiar to players from the game’s opening. They declare their intent to help the kids, but Minoru panics and flees the scene.

At the same time, Takuma arrives at the Shrine following the sounds of Minoru screaming. Arriving at the Inner Shrine we see Minoru surrounded by monsters and are offered a choice.

Watch and wait. Morality +1 Save Minoru! Harmonious +1 Run away! Wrathful +1

Right on time to interrupt Takuma and Agumon’s train of thought, one of the monsters from before arrives to fend off the Gotsumon surrounding Minoru. Agumon immediately recognizes him as “Falcomon”, identifying him as a friend. Minoru apologizes for doubting him and asks for help, triggering the first battle of this chapter.

The tutorial here explains the basics of Battle Backup, which can be used to strengthen attacks, provide followup attacks, and/or restore HP or SP. As Battle Backup is more likely to trigger when allies are close together (along with being influenced by affinity), this adds another layer to the positioning tactics explained back in the prologue.

The tutorial also explains the Talk command, which can be used to provide various benefits to allies or to negotiate with enemies. Takuma’s Talk command allows him to raise all of an allies stats for a few turns. Talking to an ally can only be done once per fight, and each enemy can only be spoken to once (assuming it’s a fight where they’re willing to listen).

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After the Gotsumon are beaten Minoru and Falcomon make fast friends, something which Takuma and Agumon note is very similar to their first meeting. Minoru asks Takuma what exactly Falcomon, Agumon, and the Gotsumon are, but the conversation is quickly interrupted as Minoru realizes he left Aoi alone in the woods. As the group makes plans to look for her, a familiar voice calls out.

Aoi arrives and Minoru immediately apologizes, but while Aoi is quick to forgive, her new friend is somewhat harsher on him. This “Furry little squirt” is Labramon, Aoi’s partner and the one who saved her from the Gotsumon. Aoi notices that Labramon is injured and ties a handkerchief around the wound, while Takuma muses on how different Aoi and Minoru’s first reactions to the Digimon were.

The game then presents the player with a choice of whom to ask for their opinion about everything that’s happened. Whichever character is chosen will gain affinity, and then the conversation will turn to the topic of finding a way back to the school. Minoru is doubtful that the group are even in the same place as before, despite the familiar landmark that is the Shrine. Luckily, Agumon and Falcomon recognise Takuma’s description of the school building and guide the group toward it.

The School – Arrival

Arriving in the woods near the school, Aoi checks on Labramon’s injury while noting that her phone hasn’t had a signal at all this entire time, even this close to the school building. Minoru notes that they didn’t pass through the tunnel, or even see the tunnel, on their way back. Falcomon insists that there are no other buildings in the area, and the group heads toward the school.

Agumon, curious as ever, asks Takuma what a school is, offering another opportunity to gain Karma stats.

Answer Directly. Moral +1 Focus on first-aid Harmonious +1 Answer vaguely. Wrathful +1

Quickly the situation grows more serious, as everyone suddenly realizes that the school is completely abandoned, overgrown, and run down. The group questions how the school could have changed so drastically in only an hour or so, but quickly head inside regardless to find medicine for Labramon. Labramon’s injury causes her to stumble inside the school building and the group rushes to the Nurse’s Office to find the first-aid kit. Aoi notes that, despite the building being run-down and broken, the first-aid kit and its contents were brand new.

While the group muses on the events so far, Agumon and Falcomon explain that the school has always looked like this, for as long as they’ve known. A shout from somewhere else in the building reveals that Ryo has also made his way to the school. Following the panicked sounds, the group finds Ryo in a classroom alongside a giant caterpillar. Falcomon recognises it as “Kunemon”, and it quickly becomes clear that Kunemon is trying to help Ryo.

Ryo claims that Kunemon isn’t the only thing freaking him out in the school, claiming to have seen a ghost, and a huge monster over by the blackboard. Whatever it is, it makes a creepy noise right on cue, and Falcomon and Labramon pick up on a strange, suspicious, smell. Minoru suggests using the camera to investigate where Ryo was pointing earlier, and doing so once handed control will progress the plot.

After the camera snap, the room and school fill with spiderwebs and, in the ensuing panic, Aoi is kidnapped. Labramon recommends splitting up to find Aoi, and the player is presented with a choice to “split up and search”, or “exercise some caution.” Choosing to exercise some caution builds affinity with Ryo, while splitting up to search immediately does not.

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The School – Exploration

At this point the game provides a tutorial on Free Battles, which allow players to engage in battle at any time the map is accessible. These are a great way of leveling up the team and recruiting “Free Digimon.” The game will guide players through recruiting a Betamon via the Talk command at this point.

Partner Digimon Overview

Now that players can engage in battle at will, it’s a good time to discuss the four partners currently available. Agumon is an all-rounder with excellent physical and special attack stats, allowing him to make equally good use of any kind of attack, though his “Sharp Claws” skill gives him a slight boost to physical attacks in this form, and his attacks deal fire damage. He is vulnerable to water element attacks but resistant to fire and wind.

Falcomon, however, is a mobility Digimon with a higher Move AMT than the other partners, who has decent attack stats and speed (with a slight edge in special attacks over physical attacks). His “Need for Speed” skill raises his speed stat further in this form, and his “Scratch Smash” attack deals wind damage with a chance of knocking enemies back one square, allowing him to tactically reposition enemies. Falcomon is weak to fire but resistant to wind.

Labramon is another all-rounder, but with a particularly strong affinity for special attacks compared to physical attacks, and better defensive stats than Agumon. She lacks speed, but her “Cure Liqueur” skill allows her to heal an ally within three spaces of her and her “Watchdog” passive skill improves the amount of HP she recovers when healing. Her basic attack is a special attack rather than a physical attack, allowing her to make better use of her high special attack stat, and she resists light while being vulnerable to darkness.

Kunemon is the last partner currently available, an attacker with slightly better physical attack than special attack but who lacks defense and speed. He can also only move two squares a turn and is weak to fire but resistant to wind and earth. His special attack “Electric Thread” allows him to hit a foe three squares away (in a straight line) with wind damage that has a low chance to paralyze them, allowing him to temporarily neutralize powerful targets with a bit of luck. His passive skill “Ready to Run” allows him to occasionally nullify attacks when guarding, which can be helpful to mitigate his relatively low defensive stats.

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The Classroom

Ryo and Kunemon can be found in the classroom, as Ryo was ditched by Minoru while they searched together, and he came here to hide out. Speaking to Ryo triggers a dialog where Takuma attempts to get him to trust Kunemon a little more and just generally calm down. This ends with the choice to “Focus on Aoi” or “Raise his spirits.” Choosing to “Raise his spirits” will boost affinity with Ryo. Investigating the webbed up locker behind Ryo will allow players to grab a Salve Pack, which can be used for healing multiple targets in battle.

There are two desks that can be investigated to the left of Ryo, and checking the rightmost desk will reveal that it is full of cobwebs blocking access to a spirit lamp in the drawer. Agumon tries with his claws but the webs are too sticky for him to deal with. Luckily Ryo knows a trick for making things less sticky, and suggests using vinegar on the webs. Coming back here with Vinegar from the Cafeteria allows players to retrieve the spirit lamp, which comes in handy towards the end of the chapter.

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The Cafeteria

Labramon can be found in the Cafeteria looking for Aoi. There can be hidden items/encounters here with the camera too, but the main thing to look for is the locker on the far left of the room, where a bottle of vinegar can be found. Assuming players have already found the blocked drawer in the classroom, Takuma will remember what Ryo said and bring the vinegar with him. Otherwise, he’ll leave it here.


The Corridor is where Minoru and Falcomon can be found searching. Speaking to Minoru reveals that the door leading out of the school is webbed shut and won’t budge, even with Falcomon giving it all he’s got. Minoru then spots something behind Takuma. Turning around, Takuma sees a ghost, just like Ryo mentioned earlier.

Classroom – Visit 2

Returning to the classroom, Ryo and Kunemon are spooked, having also seen the ghost. Ryo reveals that he saw the ghost of a girl, showing that there are actually two different “ghosts” in the school. A familiar tune plays on piano from somewhere nearby, and Ryo passes out. With Kunemon keeping an eye on Ryo, Takuma and Agumon go to check the music room.

School 2F Corridor

The second-floor corridor features the door to the music room, but it’s blocked by thick webbing. The music continues from within, but even Agumon’s claws can’t sever the webs.

The Gym

Visiting the gym at this point reveals that Labramon has tracked Aoi to the gym. Unfortunately the door is thick with webs and can’t be opened. Players are offered the choice of keeping quiet or speaking to Labramon at this point. This choice changes nothing, as Labramon still sniffs out another way into the Gym at this point.

While she’s doing that, Takuma receives a garbled text message despite the lack of signal, but decides to worry about that later.

The Faculty Room

At this point players should head to the Faculty Room and, after checking for secrets with the camera, examine one of the desks on the far right to discover Labramon searching. She’s upset about not finding anything, and Takuma is given three options on how to proceed.

Be cheerful! Moral +1 Comfort her gently. Harmonious +1 Prioritize next steps. Wrathful +1

Labramon then spots one of the ghosts from earlier in the hallway, so Takuma and Agumon go to investigate.

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The Toilet

Investigating the toilet, Agumon senses something. Check the ceiling to uncover a hatch leading into a crawlspace above the ceiling. This allows Takuma and Agumon to reach the music room.

The Music Room

The two “ghosts” can be found hiding out here. They turn out to not be ghosts, but a brother and sister hiding out from the monster that snatched Aoi. The boy initially wants Takuma and the others to leave so they don’t provoke the monster, but after hearing that Takuma wants to save Aoi, the pair are convinced to help. The boy describe the monster as a giant spider, which Agumon immediately recognises as Dokugumon. The boy tells Takuma about a secret passage into the crawlspace under the first floor in the Cafeteria and informs Takuma that they need to hurry if they want Aoi to survive.

Takuma is given a choice of how to respond to the boy.

We’ll be just fine! Moral +1 Will you two be okay? Harmonious +1 Are you gonna fight? Wrathful +1

The two stay behind in the music room, and Takuma heads off with Agumon to find the secret passage. The game automatically moves to the Cafeteria at this point, where the group quickly locate the passage and head for the gym.

The Gym – Boss Battle

Arriving in the gym, the group finds Aoi tied to the back wall with webs. Unfortunately, the rescue attempt is quickly derailed by Dokugumon’s arrival from the ceiling. The group prepares to fight, and the battle begins.

If players took the time to retrieve the spirit lamp before this point, Takuma and Agumon will use it as a makeshift molotov cocktail to injure Dokugumon here, weakening it before the battle begins.

This battle features several smaller Dokugumon alongside the boss. Dokugumon are poison resistant and weak to the fire and wind elements, making Agumon, Falcomon, and Kunemon especially effective against them. They do resist earth and dark, but players don’t really have access to those elements yet. Dokugumon have better physical defenses than special defenses, so special attacks will be particularly useful against them.

Players should make sure to break open the chest directly ahead of the start point here to acquire “Guard Break.” This is an item that allows the Digimon equipped with it to use the Guard Break skill, reducing the defense stats of the target by one stage.

Once the boss Dokugumon is attacked for the first time a cutscene will trigger where Dokugumon terrifies Takuma, Agumon, and Labramon, while more reinforcements arrive. Takuma briefly considers running, but Agumon snaps him out of it, and Takuma finds the resolve to keep fighting. Agumon draws on Takuma’s newfound strength to undergo a Digivolution to the champion level.

Agumon’s form at this point is determined by the highest of Takuma’s karma stats.

Greymon (Moral) A well-balanced all-rounder with a knack for attacking and access to mega flame, which strikes a target for a good amount of fire damage, as long as they’re within three spaces in a straight line. He’s the fastest of the three champion forms available, and his “Living Weapon” passive skill raises his physical attack by one rank. Tyrannomon (Harmonious) A slow but sturdy all-rounder with excellent defense and special attack stats, who can use his Fire Breath to strike enemies within four squares with fire damage. His “good-natured” passive skill raises his physical defense by one rank. Tuskmon (Wrathful) A brutal offense-focused all-rounder with low movement and iffy speed but tremendous attack stats and decent defenses, his slamming tusk attack allows him to hit an enemy next to him with a physical fire attack that can knock them back a square. His “Foolhardy” passive skill raises his physical attack stat one rank whenever he defeats an enemy, which can quickly snowball for massive damage.

With the battle over, the group rescues Aoi and addresses the elephant in the room, what just happened to Agumon? Unfortunately, Agumon has no idea, but is pretty sure Takuma’s feelings flowing into him was what allowed him to do it. Everyone heads to the classroom from earlier to take a breather, discovering on the way that defeating Dokugumon has rid the school of webs completely.

After some discussion the group decides to spend the night in the classroom at the school, but not before Takuma introduces the others to the “ghosts.”

Digimon Survive was released on the 29th of July 2022 for PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch.


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