Digimon Survive Reappears With A New Trailer And Details: Three Different Endings


Digimon Survive: After a long time disappeared and with problems in its development, Digimon Survive changes studio and offers a barrage of news. Digimon Survive is still in development and aims higher and higher. The long-awaited new installment of the Bandai Namco saga, delayed many times due to different circumstances, has been the video game protagonist of the Digimon Con 2022 event held this past weekend with a new trailer. The producer of the games in the series, Kazumasa Habu, has provided many details about the development, the tone of the game and what we can expect from the title in terms of its content. Of course, you can see his new preview in the form of a video below.

Digimon Survive changes studio: from Witchcraft to HYDE

The development of Digimon Survive was initially led by Witchcraft, but various problems have led to a decisive decision for the future of the project, now in the hands of HYDE. “The team change has caused a lot of work to be redone on the game, which has resulted in delays. This has caused great uncertainty that has prevented us from offering regular updates”, acknowledges the manager in the question and answer session on the occasion of the event.

Thanks to the efforts of the new development team, Digimon Survive is back, “ever closer to the end of the game”, although it does not have a specific release date in the present 2022, the year scheduled for its release on PS4 consoles, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. “We sincerely apologize for the delays. But we would appreciate it if you wait a little longer”, insists Habu.