Digimon Survive: How to make friends with the Lawn


With over a hundred of them to choose from, Digimon Survive has no shortage of digimons. Initially, however, players will find that their options are somewhat limited, and only a few cute little critters are available in the prologue of the game. All this is changing quite quickly, and as the main story of Digimon Survive develops, more and more digimons appear.

For example, when players reach Part 2, they will meet several new digimons in the free battle zone near the school. It is in this place that players can make friends with Billaumont, although the pink creature that looks like a Chocobo is not the only one. Players may also encounter Gazimon here, but they will need to answer his questions and statements well if they want to add Digimon to their roster.

How to make friends with Gazimon in Digimon Survive

The process of befriending a Gazimon is incredibly similar to befriending other digimons: players first need to talk to an angry rabbit during a battle. They will then be faced with three questions or statements and will have to choose the best of four possible answers to get into Gazimon’s good books. Choosing the best answer will reward the players with two points, and they will need a total of three or more to ask Gazimon to become friends.

Interestingly, Gazimon uses the same seven lines of dialogue as Gotsumon, although this time the optimal answers are slightly different. Like Gotsumon, Gazimon is a bit mischievous, although he seems to consider humans and digimons on the same level, so players have to consider these things when deciding how to respond. In addition, the table below contains all the best Gazimon answers, so players can use it to get a maximum of six points for each conversation.

Question/Statement The best answer to Me is not very good… Somebody help… …Pf, ha-ha-ha, just kidding! Do I understand?! I’m glad you’re okay. I don’t care if you’re smiling, or laughing, or whatever! I’m not going to trust a single person! What can I do? Come on… Try to guess what I think of you! That I’m easygoing? Boy, you’re a tough face, aren’t you?! I bet I would have lost if we had dropped… We would probably have drawn. Hey, what kind of food do you like? Love me some meat! Next! Do you think it will be a good joke? A pit trap? Don’t you think that every day is just sooo boring? Let’s do something!

Where to find Gazimon in Digimon Survive

For the first time, Gazimon can be found in the second part of Digimon Survive, but only after players unlock the “Free Bat”. the area outside the school. After that, they will be able to find Gazimon there, as well as Biyomon, Gotsumon and Betamon. Unfortunately, due to the low probability that he will accept the player’s friendship request, and the low probability that he will appear in the free combat zone, it may be difficult for players to make friends with Gazimon, even if he answers his questions and statements in the best way.

Digimon Survive is available on PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC.


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