Digimon Survive: How to make friends with a Phenomenon


Fangmon is one of the most well-designed digimons in the series and the main villain in the second part of Digimon Survive. Being an excellent antagonist, the demonic beast Digimon will be a great addition to any player’s team in the early stages of the game and will gain access to some deadly digivolutions as they approach the last parts.

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The first chance that players will be able to make friends with Fangmon appears at the beginning of Chapter 3, and from that moment the wolf-like creature appears in free battle zones. Digimon Survive players can also get Fangmon by turning one of the most common Digimon in the game, although some may well consider this a waste of evolution items.

How to make friends with Fangmon in Digimon Survive

Making friends with a Fungmon is more or less the same as making friends with any other digimon in Digimon Survive. When talking to a digimon in a free battle, players will face three questions or statements and must answer by choosing one of four possible answers. Choosing the best answer will reward the players with two points, with three points needed to have a chance to make friends with Fangmon at the end of the conversation.

According to his status as one of the antagonists of the game, conversations with Fangmon are usually quite unpleasant. He often tries to make players feel bad or question their morals, and in this case it’s best to try to show that his taunts don’t work. Players should refrain from indulging him whenever possible, using neutral responses whenever given the opportunity. For those who need additional help, the table below includes the best answers to all of Fangmon’s questions and statements.

Question/Statement The best answer is you definitely like to stick out your chest in front of a weak monster like me. Strength doesn’t matter. Trying to pick a fight with a peacemaker like me… You people are so cruel. So let’s cancel it. I bet you have some secrets, right? Come on, tell me one! Try! Secrets? Interesting… What do you think decides what is right and what is not? Reality itself. You may think of those around you as friends, but maybe you’re really lonely? I wouldn’t mind. Let’s make a deal: drop the fight and I’ll give you an item! I don’t believe you. Who do you think is worse? Cheater or cheated? A liar, aha!

Where to find Fangmon in Digimon Survive

For the first time, players will encounter Fangmon in the second part, although they will not have the opportunity to make friends with him until the next part of the game. It will start appearing in “Free Bat”. areas from Part 3 onwards, like the other boss of the game, Dokugumon. For those who do not want to experience difficulties with friendship with Fangmon, it is also possible to get it by reincarnating Gazimon. However, given the relatively high level of success in friendship with Fangmon, some may consider this a waste of resources.

Digimon Survive is available on PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC.


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