DIG Announces Wild Thunder Studio Investment


Dubai’s Decentralized Investment Group (DIG) has announced that it has established a world-class game studio by investing in Vietnam for Wild Thunder.

The crypto industry has a rapid growth capacity thanks to the gaming, finance and many other areas it covers. Increasing activities in these areas also contribute to the development of all blockchain-based systems.

DIG Establishes Game Studio in Vietnam

Expanding its operations to Vietnam by establishing a world-class game studio, DIG started working by investing in Wild Thunder Studio in collaboration with Miami-based GameFi subsidiary XYZZY. According to the news in Gulf News, DIG aims to advance its vision by using innovative Blockchain technology.

With DIG’s guidance, Wild Thunder will expand its existing portfolio to begin creating play-and-win gaming experiences alongside avant-garde Hollywood-quality animation and design, all from studio offices in Hanoi, Vietnam, powered by cutting-edge blockchain technology.

Stating that Wild Thunder has become one of the world’s leading blockchain game development studios, DIG Founder and Global Managing Partner Haydn Snape said about the new venture:

“When I first met Wild Thunder co-founder Dustin, I was inspired by his vision to build a world-class A-quality game studio. I chose to invest in this vision and become a business partner to establish a joint company.”

Working with DIG and XYZZY, Wild Thunder will bring DIG’s and XYZZY’s GameFi projects to life, helping brands break into blockchain games, NFTs and the metaverse. It will also allow new unique assets and experiences on Web3 through design.


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