Difficulty in accessing G Suite services, especially Gmail


There is a worldwide problem in accessing some Google G Suite services. While users share complaints about their inability to reach various Google services, especially Gmail, via social media, the status page of G Suite confirms the problem.

When looking at the apps status page of Google, it is seen that the complaints are primarily related to Gmail. However, at the moment, the access shortage in Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Meet and Google Voice services is also verified on the status page.

In addition to the verification from Google, it is possible to see many complaints on DownDetector and Twitter about the access shortage of G Suite services. In addition to these, there are reports that there are problems while uploading videos to YouTube.

It is stated that Gmail users can send and receive e-mails but cannot attach files to e-mail due to this problem affecting Google G Suite services. Taking action to solve the problem, Google is expected to restore its services to full capacity in a short time.

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