Difficulties K-Pop idols face when debuting


The path of an idol is difficult, but girls take several risks. When a person decides to become an idol, they must invest a lot of their time, patience and commitment to secure their place within an agency. To do this, there are different forms of auditions with tests to pass, but even if it is a difficult stage, that is only the beginning of your adventure.

As you know, trainees have to prepare for a long time to be able to debut as a soloist or member of a group, some even take part in reality shows organized by their company, where we see them face stress and fatigue.

Both men and women must overcome great challenges to achieve their dreams, but there are some issues that can be worse for girls.

In the evaluations that each company makes of its trainees, they not only rate the talent and progress that each one has had, since in some cases, they also control the weight of the girls. With hours of daily training, they should do their best to stay healthy and energetic, but that shouldn’t affect their weight.

After the debut of a girl group, the first impression they make will become very important among K-Pop fans, so it could make them the target of criticism. In South Korea, the physique is very important, especially if it is about public figures, so the girls chosen to debut will have to meet the beauty standards, however, that does not ensure that they will be saved from criticism.

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Idols must follow strict diets to achieve the image that their company and some fans hope to see in them, although for some people it is not difficult to maintain their weight, for others it may represent depending on a diet that does not provide them with the nutrients they really need. .

Idols are also frequently criticized for the outfit they wear, if it’s too short, not at all daring, looks too simple, or is over the top. No matter what they wear, opinions about their image will appear around them.

Like boys, many idols have suffered traumatic experiences with sasaengs, which can affect their personality or their way of socializing and developing in their daily lives.


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