Different Color Controllers for Microsoft, Xbox Series


Microsoft has announced new controllers compatible with the new generation Xbox consoles. Controllers, including white and blue, can be pre-ordered with the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

US-based technology giant Microsoft took a very important step yesterday for the future of the video game industry. The company has announced that it will literally rewrite the rules of the industry by purchasing Bethesda for $ 7.5 billion. However, Microsoft’s moves yesterday were not limited to these. The company announced new controller models for the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S just hours after Bethesda announced.

According to statements made by Microsoft, new game controllers will be released as of November 10. In addition to the original controller, gamers will have a carbon black controller designed for the Xbox Series X, and a robot white controller designed for the Xbox Series S. In addition, a shock blue Xbox controller will be on sale as of November 10.

This is how the shock blue colored remote will look

The most striking of the new game controllers announced by Microsoft is undoubtedly the version in carbon black. Because Microsoft states that this game controller is also compatible with Windows 10 PCs. Users will also be able to access this product on their PC via wireless adapter or USB Type-C. Also, if your PC has Bluetooth support, you will be able to use this product directly.

According to Microsoft’s statements, the prices of the new game controllers will also be very affordable. Announcing that the products will be $ 59.99, Microsoft has announced that players can have these products for the same price as Xbox One controllers. Players will also be able to own new controllers when pre-ordering the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

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