Different claim for LG Wing’s release date


The first official information about the LG Wing will be shared next week. As the countdown continued, a different agenda came about the phone’s release date. Wing will go on sale on October 5th, according to the news in South Korean media. It was stated in the previous reports that the phone will be released on September 25.

LG’s new dual-screen phone will be officially unveiled on September 14th. With this event, it will be possible to learn new and official details about the smartphone. However, thanks to leaked videos and photos shared by Evan Blass, it is already known how the phone looks.

It is known that the smartphone has a second 4-inch screen under the 6.8-inch main screen. It is stated that the Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G processor at the heart of the phone will be accompanied by 8 GB of RAM. Although the LG Wing is claimed to be sold in South Korea for 2 million won, the actual price seems more likely to be half that.

It is stated that after the introduction of LG Wing on September 14, a 4-week test period will be started with selected users. With the completion of this process, Wing will take its place on the shelves. Although LG is thought to have chosen a complex route to launch its unconventionally designed phone; The company followed the same route for Velvet in South Korea.


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