Diesel wine hyper muscular: he appears shirtless in full exercise session!


Vin Diesel works hard in the room, and he likes to show it to his fans on Instagram. The hero of the saga Fast & Furious has published a photo of him shirtless and congested by his intense session! We talk about it!

Indeed, at age 52 Vin regularly talks to the room. As evidenced by his last post, the results are there! Moreover, the actor is fantasizing thousands of Internet users with his ultra sexy shots or his muscles are apparent! There is no age to appear sexy and pleasing, his last photo is from Thursday, November 28. It was Thanksgiving Day in the United States.

But before this hearty dinner Vin Diesel decided to inspire its 60 million subscribers by posting a photo of him taken in a gym. Cargo pants, apparent boxer’s band, the fiftieth actor still has many years ahead of him! But also many other Fast & Furious in the role of Toretto.

Vin Diesel took advantage of this cliche a little bare to make a debrief on his year and his career in legend. “After the longest shoot of my career with Fast [& Furious] 9 … a movie I’m immensely proud of. Before I get into my next role and next film project … so many things that excite me … so of things that worry me, “he confides to his fans., before continuing:” Following Fast [& Furious], Xander Cage [his character in xXx, note], Riddick … Groot [role in The Guardians of the galaxy]. So this is a long program for the actor! “Not to mention the possibilities of Witch Hunter and the sequel to Bloodshot. Before any promo releases of these different films next year. ”

Thus, it is thus a year of whirlwind and intense activity that had Vin Diesel, without forgetting his small family which is dear to him. “I have to refocus for a moment. To honor the wonderful family with which I have been blessed. I am grateful for the holidays. Perfect timing, if I may say so. Hahaha. To keep fit and to interpret all these roles nothing better than a healthy lifestyle!


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