DIESEL Announces New Fadelite Smart Watch with 1 GB RAM

With the spread of smartphone and internet usage, technology manufacturers launched innovative products and tried to attract consumers. Smart bracelets and watches that have just started to spread are among the blessings of the developing technology.

DIESEL, which has been continuing its commercial life for many years and having many kinds of products, took the stage with its new products at the CES 2020 events that started today. Introducing a new smart watch model, the company uses the Wear OS operating system in its smart watch, which is called “Fadelite”, and promises many features.

Introducing DIESEL Fadelite
Fadelite, which addresses both men and women with its Unisex structure, has a 43 mm screen. Consumers can choose red, white, blue or transparent if they want to buy a Fadelite. DIESEL offers a light transparency on the strap of all colors to attract consumers’ attention in terms of design. Not satisfied with this, DIESEL designed the smart watch itself in a semi-transparent structure.

DIESEL Fadelite has all the features common to smart watches. In addition to all its features, the Fadelite has a loudspeaker and offers a bit more than the average smart watch. Fadelite, which is designed with robustness, is also able to draw attention with its water-resistant structure.

Powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 3100 platform, the smart watch comes with 1 GB of RAM and 4 GB of storage. DIESEL, explaining the price of Fadelite with all these features, wants $ 275 for its new smart watch. The product will be available for purchase by consumers next March.


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