Dies Clarence Williams III, Everyone Hates Chris, Aged 81


Clarence Williams III, 81, died last Friday (4) in Los Angeles, United States. According to information from The New York Times, Williams was the victim of colon cancer.

Clarence was known for his roles in Purple Rain and Todo Mundo Odeia o Chris, a series that gained great success in Brazil. He played the mysterious neighbor, Mr. Tate, who rents the vacant apartment above Chris’ house in the episode ‘Everybody Hates Basketball’.

In 1968, with his role in Mod Squad, Williams was one of the first black actors to play a main character in a US series. The production was nominated four times for a Golden Globe and six times for an Emmy.

Clarence has also starred in other TV series including The Cosby Show, Twin Peaks, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Law & Order and Empire: Fame and Power. In film, he has had roles in the films Purple Rain, Betraying the Enemy, The Brave, The General’s Daughter, The White House Butler and Mr. Malevolent.


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