Diego Luna hints that K2SO may appear in the second season of Andor


Diego Luna, who plays the main character in the upcoming Star Wars series Andor, teased that the K-2SO droid could appear in the show’s second season. Luna first played Cassian Andor in the 2016 film Rogue One: Star Wars. The first season of “Andor” is due to be released on Disney+ in August this year.

Andor will serve mainly as a prequel to Rogue One, which takes place five years before and focuses on the main character of Luna during the Star Wars timeline, when the evil Galactic Empire retains control of the galaxy. The series will tell about Andor’s journey to find out what he can bring to the Rebellion as it gradually gathers momentum to oppose the Empire. The cast will also be joined by Stellan Skarsgard, Adria Archona and Genevieve O’Reilly, who will return as Rebel General Mon Mothma.

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In an exclusive interview for Screen Rant, Luna hinted that, although the comedy droid Tudyk will not be in the first season of Andor, he may play a role in the second season of Andor. One claiming to miss him constantly before teasing his possible reappearance. Read an excerpt from the interview below:

I will always miss Alan Tudyk. I’ve missed Alan Tudyk from the moment they told me to wrap up on the tape, and I’d like to be by his side every moment of my life. But having said that, this part of the story is five years before Rogue One. This happened before Cassian contacted K-2, so let’s see what happens in the next part.

Andor’s very first teaser trailer finally appeared yesterday during the Star Wars celebration along with the first teaser poster. Showing above all a sinister and harsh tone, the trailer has garnered more than four million views on YouTube in the first 24 hours. Lucasfilm has also confirmed that there will be a total of 24 episodes in Andor over the two seasons, and the final moments are said to lead straight to Rogue One. While the first season will take place five years prior, the second season will presumably cover the next four years of Andor’s journey.

Given this information, it is quite logical to conclude that Cassian Andor will meet his future robot partner in the second season of his show. Since K-2SO was one of the fans’ favorite “Rogue One” moments, it will certainly be interesting to find out how these two characters met each other, how the droid was reprogrammed, and perhaps how he acquired his deadpan sense of humor. . At the moment, “Star Wars” fans are eating well: the first two episodes of “Obi-Wan Kenobi” have just been released on Disney+, and the first season of “Andor” will be released on August 31.