Diego had the hardest moment of his life


Matías Morla, Diego Armando Maradona’s lawyer, said this Wednesday, at the gates of the hospital where he is admitted, that despite the fact that the ex-footballer “had perhaps the hardest moment of his life”, now “those dangers have disappeared” and ” there is Maradona for a while “.

“Diego spent the perhaps hardest moment of his life, I think it was a miracle that this spill was detected in his head that could have taken his life,” Morla told the press outside the Olivos Clinic, in the province of Buenos Aires, where on November 3 he was operated on for a brain hematoma and where he is expected to be discharged this afternoon.

For Morla, “thank God those dangers disappeared” after “the great intervention” of Dr. Leopoldo Luque -neurosurgeon and Maradona’s general practitioner-, “because he detected that in time.”

“The same studies had been carried out in September, (but) as a result of doing them again, he detected that and, as we well know, the result was optimal. Diego is whole, Diego wants to rehabilitate himself due to other personal problems he has, “4 he declared.

“The good thing is that Diego is whole, he’s firm, there’s Maradona for a while. What is needed now is a family union and being surrounded by health professionals. And Diego is going to be with the doctors and the family as he should be, that Diego has to be happy and we have to return together the affection and happiness that he gave us, “said the lawyer.

“Here we have a common good that is above all that is the health of Diego Armando Maradona,” he stressed.


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