Diddy’s assistant begged Diddy to take him away from the “hateful boss”


Sean Combs, also known as Diddy, is well known for his musical and business endeavors that led him to fame. The artist is so famous that even his assistant Derek Watkins (whom he renamed Fonsworth Bentley) became famous. Here’s what Diddy’s assistant said about their first meeting and how he wrote a job post.

Diddy’s assistant, Derek Watkins, also known as Fonsworth Bentley, dressed to impress even before he met Diddy.

It took Diddy years to invite Derek Watkins, also known as Fonsworth Bentley, to become his assistant. But Watkins tried to dress to impress while in New York, because he never knew when the opportunity would present itself. Before meeting the superstar, he worked at the Ralph Lauren store on Madison Avenue.

“I always went out dressed,” Watkins told Angela Yee in a 2009 interview about meeting Diddy and becoming his assistant. “The only people dressed up for any small hip-hop events were the guys from Wall Street. It’s a gray suit, dark blue suit, white shirt, you know, very boring. So when I’m in a chocolate brown three-piece, lavender shirt… you know, with chocolate brown suede heads, I stand out.”

Watkins then explained that he would see Diddy at events, say a few words and leave. “It became almost an inside joke,” Watkins continued.

Derek Watkins begged Diddy to take him away from the “hateful boss”

In the end, Derek Watkins and Diddy compiled the report after seeing each other several times at events in New York. As The New York Times notes, the entrepreneur gave Watkins his phone number when they were both at Justin’s, P. Diddy’s soul food restaurant in Chelsea. Watkins told Angela Yee that he was waiting for a call.

Finally, Watkins contacted Diddy after a shift at the restaurant. Diddy answered several times, asking who was contacting him. “And now I understand the importance of branding,— Watkins continued. “I said, this is Derek Watkins, the dresser.

Diddy didn’t answer at first. Watkins prayed to his father and God that they would know what to say next. Finally, he caught up with Diddy and, in fact, immediately asked him for a job. “Please don’t make me go back to my hateful boss,” Watkins said.

“I remember that day exactly,— Watkins told The New York Times. “It will be a film about my life. Sean waved his hands in front of my face and said, “Your life has just changed. Are you ready?'”

What happened to Fonsworth Bentley? That’s what he’s doing now

So, what is Derek Watkins, aka Fonsworth Bentley, doing today? Nicky Swift notes that Diddy’s assistant wrote a book on etiquette in 2007, and in 2010 he married actor Fauna Chambers. They have two children.

Watkins was also known for his musical education and continued to work on music for many years. He assisted Kanye West in recording his two famous albums Yeezus and The Life of Pablo. Watkins created and produced songs for the ABC black show, and also created choreography for the additional show “Adult”. He has also appeared in several TV shows and movies over the years, and seems to still have a good relationship with Diddy.

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