Diddy explains his “official name” after legal changes: “It’s very important that I clarify this”


What’s in the name? Diddy should know, since he has so many of them, but for now he sticks to one stage name.

During an appearance on Wednesday, May 17, on the Ellen DeGeneres show, the host had to clarify what to call her guest. “I never know what you’re going to do, what you’re going to say—what’s your name?” asked Ellen DeGeneres.

“I feel it’s very important to clarify this,” the 52—year-old “I’m Going to Miss You” rapper said. “I decided I would just choose the name Diddy.”

The 64-year-old DeGeneres recalled that he had changed his official name, but the New York native assured her that it was just a legal change. —You see, Diddy is my nickname. Love is my real name,” he explained. “So, I just changed my name to Love. Sean Love Combs, that’s what it says on my driver’s license, that’s my official name: Love.”

He told the audience: “I am Love! I did it!”

The comedian also noted that Diddy has a tattoo of “Love” on the side of his torso. “I wanted to make sure that if someone didn’t get the message, they could see it,” he joked, before quickly adding that he was joking.

He added, “I love tattoos, and I did it in one day.”

Diddy first announced that he would become a Lava in November 2017. “I’ve been praying about it — and I know it’s risky because it might seem corny to some people — but I’ve decided to change my name again,” he said. featured in a video on social media at the time. “I’m just not who I used to be. I’m something else. So my new name is “Love” — aka “Brother Love”.

At the time, he even claimed that he would not answer to any of his past nicknames. Founder Sean John added: “I will not respond to Puffy, Diddy, Puff Daddy or any of my other nicknames other than ‘Love’ or ‘Brother Love’.

However, it was only in May 2021 that he made this change legal. “Look what I just received in the mail today… 🖤 💫 ✨ ⚡️ IT’S OFFICIAL!!! WELCOME TO THE ERA OF LOVE,” he captioned a photo of his driver’s license on Instagram.

He also shared a court order to change his name at the time. “I need you all to take me seriously about this!!!” he wrote with the hashtag “Era of Love.”

His latest statement makes it clear that Diddy is still the name he will answer to, even if it is not his official name. The artist first announced himself as P. Diddy in 2001, and then switched to Diddy in 2005.