Did You Notice Sadie Sink’s Sister Jacey in “Stranger Things”?


The right mix of fun, ghosts, action and good old friendship, “Stranger Things” has become a second home for many. We spent almost a decade crying and laughing at the bloody pleasure of technicolor. And do you know what distinguishes the series? Not his unique set of characters, not a lot of pop culture references, but his ability to give fans something new every time they return to horror fiction. One such stunning detail that many may have missed is the younger version of Max Mayfield, also known as Sadie Sink, in the third season.

Returning to “Stranger Things 3″, Millie Bobby Brown’s “Eleven” took us back to Billy’s (Max’s older cousin) glorious past in his memory of California. Through her lens, Eleven shows viewers that the one who is now a bully was once a happy child enjoying his days on a California beach with his mother. However, with a negative turn of events, she saw his abusive father, and the mother left the little child all alone. In the same season, we saw his father introduce Billy to a little girl.

Although we now know that the baby was none other than our Maxine, do you know who first played the youngest red-haired girl in the flagship Netflix show?

The younger version of Sadie Sink in “Stranger Things 3″ is her younger version in real life.
When Eleven investigated Billy’s memory, in episode 6 of Stranger Things 3, she saw his father introducing him to his half-sister Max under the dark oracle of deadly clouds. Many fans may think that this was a young version of the actress herself, but in fact they invited Sadie Sink’s younger brother, Jacey Sink, to play the role. If you didn’t notice her then, here’s a picture that will remind you of this scene.

Although only her hair and the shape of her face were visible, the young girl standing there was none other than Sink’s own sister. It is noteworthy that in the fourth season, when MBB visits Max’s own memory, the role is played by Belle Henry. Perhaps this is because Jacey Sink was already 11 years old by that time. You can stream both seasons on Netflix to find out about such minor details.

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