Did You Know That The Wii U Is Capable Of Burning Games To DVD?


Wii U has been available on the market for some time, and probably many who own the console have not explored all its features. An example: did you know that you can burn games to DVD right from your video game?

The feature in action can be seen in the video that we present in this news and is courtesy of the channel Will It Work? from YouTube, and with his help we see that platform owners can use DVDs to burn eShop titles and free up more storage space. To do this, just use a DVD-RAM media (a DVD that acts as a storage device, with any formatting of files) with a reader drive compatible with the video game (connected by USB), and that way the console will be able to communicate with the disc, format it and download the games you have purchased in digital format on the eShop.

It is worth mentioning that, once transferred, you can use that same media to play on the Wii U – as long as you also use an external DVD player, since the drive present on the console is not able to read “non-original” media.

Did you know about the possibility of recording eShop games using the Wii U? Leave your opinion in the space below for comments.


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