Did You Know That The Queen of Christmas, Kate Middleton, Declined Prince William’s First Ever Christmas Invitation to The Palace?


With great power comes great responsibility. At the moment, the Princess of Wales is the center of the Windsor family in England. As a queen in waiting for the British throne, she is currently endowed with important responsibilities towards the monarch of Great Britain. One of the Duchess’s many countless duties is to organize the annual Christmas carol alone. Undoubtedly, Kate Middleton quickly fulfills all her obligations to her family. But did you know that, as a commoner, she was once against the Palace?


Kate Middleton and Prince William were together for more than a decade before getting married at Westminster Abbey in 2011. Middleton represents the perfect princess for the future king of the British throne. Although she also had her share of boundaries. According to The Daily Express, the Princess of Wales declined her lover’s invitation to the royal family for a reason that we can all understand.

Kate Middleton once didn’t come to a house party with the Queen

Prince William once sent a cherished invitation to his then girlfriend Catherine to attend a Christmas celebration with Queen Elizabeth back in 2006. The invitation was to a house party with his family at Sandringham even before the prince graduated from the Royal Military Academy. Sandhurst. However, Kate Middleton declined the invitation, saying that she could not attend the family event without being part of it.

Then the 24-year-old girl claimed that without an engagement ring on her fingers she could not attend a house party. Instead, she chose to celebrate the occasion with her parents at the time. The Prince respected her decision on this matter. The same thing was brought to our attention by the Royal Biography of Wales, titled “Palace Documents” by Tina Brown. Years later, they made their wedding vows in front of the whole Kingdom and vowed to stay together no matter what. Since then, Catherine eventually gained the trust of the Palace to perform various important duties.

Christmas from now on is entirely under the princess’s responsibility, and it should be organized at the end of each year. In addition, King Charles recently announced the new position of the Princess as colonel of the Irish Guards, thereby demonstrating his full confidence in the hands of Kate Middleton.

What is your opinion about Kate Middleton and her decisions? Do you think her denial was correct under the circumstances? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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