Did you know that Prince Harry was in love with Meghan Markle 2 years before their wedding?


Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have become one of the strongest couples in recent years. Since their wedding in 2018, the couple has been smashed, thrown out and called out more often than not. However, every day their bond only grows stronger. In the midst of all this, it’s time to go back in time and remember some personal and wonderful moments they spent with each other in the world.

Before the fiasco of the royal family and everything that happens, Prince Harry was crazy about Meghan Markle for two whole years! Everything that happened in those first years of dating and getting to know each other is very well imprinted in our memory. From the documentary to the countless rumors, we had everything. Here’s what the royal experts said about it back in 2017.

Prince Harry was deeply in love with Meghan Markle even before they met

Prominent royal expert Kate Nicholl once confirmed the fact that Prince Harry was deeply in love with the former American actress Markle. Apparently, Markle’s character in “Force Majeure”, Rachel Zane, was Harry’s ideal girlfriend, which he confessed to one of his friends, who later shared information with Nicoll. According to Nicoll’s statement, the 33-year-old prince arranged a meeting with 36-year-old Markle at Wimbledon when the latter was there to meet her friend Serena Williams.

The whole gang teamed up with their mutual friends, giving them free space to talk. They talked in private and learned more about each other. It is reported that this happened in one of the rooms of Soho House. The former actress apparently wasn’t bothered by the fact that Harry was from the royal family, and he later described her to his friends as a “flighty girl.”

In 2017, Nicoll had a good impression of Markle and her relationship with Prince Harry. However, that was before they tied the knot in 2018 and then retired from royal duties in 2021. Since then, the Duke and his Duchess have been the subject of much criticism, especially the latter, as she received harsh remarks even at the ceremony. The funeral of the late Queen.

Currently, the couple lives in the Montecito estate, raising two children. After their departure from the Royal Palace in the UK, the couple is doing fine for themselves and their family. Most importantly, without any obligations to anyone.

What do you think about Prince Harry’s infatuation and his possible “pursuit” of the Duchess? Comment below your thoughts.


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