Did you know that George Clooney once banned a movie starring Ryan Gosling because of Barack Obama?


Ryan Gosling has been one of Hollywood’s leading actors since the beginning of 2000. The actor is still doing well and loved by his fans, but about ten years ago he was a one-man army. Thanks to award-winning films such as “The Diary of Memory”, Gosling was in great demand.

Continuing in the same spirit, he got a chance to work with the legendary actor-director George Clooney. But the film that these two were working on was postponed for a long time; and this is also because of former American President Barack Obama.

Why George Clooney had to postpone an ambitious project starring Ryan Gosling

We are talking about the movie “The Ides of March”, released in 2011 and directed by Clooney himself. It is based on Beau Willimon’s Broadway play “Farragut North” and tells the story of a Democratic Party politician played by George Clooney. However, events involving members of Clooney’s political team jeopardize his chances of winning. The Ocean’s Eleven Friends actor started working on the film while filming another one. He was also one of the three screenwriters of the film.

Preparations for the filming of the film began in 2007, even before Barack Obama became president. Obama ran for election in 2009 and became president, which caused the delight of US citizens. This strongly contradicted the storyline of the film. “We realized that a significant part of the country was delighted with what happened in that election, so we had to postpone the film until people become cynical again,” Clooney said today.

Clooney didn’t want to demotivate people when they finally became happy under Obama’s leadership. Besides, people rejected his film because they didn’t want to associate it with the current script. Clooney wanted to show the changes the world was reflecting at the time, so the film ran into delays.

They later released the film in 2011 because, apparently, people had become cynical again, and The Ides of March did well at the box office.

Gosling is currently starring in his next film, “Autumn Guy,” along with the role of Ken in the upcoming movie “Barbie.” Meanwhile, George Clooney recently starred in the 2022 romantic comedy “Ticket to Paradise” alongside Julia Roberts and joined Anil Kapoor at the 20th Hindustan Times Leadership Summit 2022.

Have you watched The Ides of March? What do you think about the political component of the film? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.


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