Did you know…? Super Mario 3D All-Stars, secrets


We review curiosities of the three Mario that have returned in the form of a compilation on Nintendo Switch.

Super Mario 3D All-Stars has become one of the best-selling games on Nintendo Switch with less than a month since its release. The work, one of the tributes that Nintendo wants to make for Mario’s 35th anniversary, brings us three essential games: two masterpieces such as Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario 64 and a title sometimes forgotten but that returned through the big door as it’s Super Mario Sunshine. A compilation full of nostalgia that you can read our analysis here.

But today we are here to see the details and curiosities that Azucena Ruiz offers in her Sabias Que section, where every month we go over all the secrets of various games of today and before. For this reason, our partner today is going to uncover surprises from the three games, starting with Super Mario 64 of course, speaking from the voice changes when we fight Bowser, how to find Yoshi and much more.

After reviewing the first game, we will be able to see other Sunshine secrets, such as the human presence of a girl in an initial trailer of the game. Many details of the ACUAC that we have precisely lost in the new version, as well as the reason why Mario wore short sleeves. Finally, of course, we have Super Mario Galaxy. Estela’s character, the spin attack motive, and much more.

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