Did you forget to log out of WhatsApp Web?


You can log out of WhatsApp Web directly from your Android phone or iPhone, and here we tell you how to do it.

WhatsApp Web is already inseparable from any area of ​​our life, and every day there are more people who take advantage of this messaging platform at work.

If you work in an office or any such place, you know that sometimes one can forget to log out of social networks, and this happens frequently on WhatsApp Web.

If this is your case, don’t worry, the next shift will not see your messages. Somagnews explains how to log out of WhatsApp Web away from your PC and from your iPhone or Android.

Log out of WhatsApp Web from an iPhone

If you left the session open from your PC or Mac, reverting it is very simple. Alone:

Open WhatsApp on your iPhone and go to settings.

Tap the second option from the top which is, “WhatsApp Web / Desktop”.

If you see a screen that asks you to scan a QR code, then there is no session open on WhatsApp Web.

However, if instead of the QR code scanner, you see a web browser icon and “Currently active,” you can tap “Sign out of all computers” to sign out.

The screen will ask for a confirmation to log out. After tapping “Logout” again, you will be logged out permanently.

Sign out of WhatsApp Web on an Android phone

The process is more or less similar for Android users. These are the steps you must follow on your Android smartphone to log out of WhatsApp Web.

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Open the WhatsApp application on your Android device and touch the three dots (Options) at the top right of the screen.

Go to WhatsApp Web, which is the second option from the top given in the settings.


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