Did The Royal Family Control The Script When Meghan Markle Was Filming Her Latest Season of “Force Majeure”?


The drama “Force Majeure” from Netflix is considered a landmark series in Meghan Markle’s acting career. The Duchess was widely recognized for her role as Rachel Zane on television. She has been part of the legal drama since the beginning in 2011. However, in 2018, she ended the relationship after the season seven finale due to her royal wedding to Prince Harry.

The royal family has strict rules for all of its working members, and acting is something they don’t appreciate. Thus, it is clear that the Duchess had to sacrifice her glorious career for the Duke. Meghan Markle starred in the seventh season even after her engagement to Prince Harry. Therefore, were there any restrictions imposed on the Duchess? How did the Palace react to Markle’s acting profession?

The royal family has outlined specific instructions for filming the wedding scene of Meghan Markle and Mike Ross.

Royal writer Tom Bauer has made serious statements about the interference of the royal family in the filming of the seventh season of “Force Majeure”. Meghan Markle was given a set of instructions as the Palace controlled her life. The creators of “Force Majeure” had to hand over the script of the show to Megan’s agent Nick Collins. At Kensington Palace, all the scenes involving the Duchess were carefully read, and only after their approval could the show be continued.


Meanwhile, the House of Windsor also had a lot of concerns about the wedding scene between Meghan Markle and her love interest in the series. Towards the end of the seventh season, Rachel Zane married Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams). For the ceremony, she wore a beautiful white A-line dress.

Although the institution was allowed to shoot the scene, they strictly forbade any photos. The palace has ordered that there are no photos of Meghan in her wedding dress. In between filming, she always had to wear a jacket over her dress,” Tow Bauer said in his book, according to The News.


Meanwhile, the co-actors also noted a change in Markle’s attitude in her final days. She was late, was a little arrogant and clamped down on the set.

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