Did the boy soldier know that Stormfront was a Nazi in “Boys”?


Attention! Ahead of the spoilers of the 6th season of the 3rd season of “Boys”.

The episode “Gerogasm” of the third season of “Boys” reveals the secret connection between the Soldier and the Storm Front, but did the leader of “Reckoning” know about his Nazi history? Originally known as Ben, Soldier Boy received an injection of Compound-V sometime during World War II, making him one of Wout’s oldest creations, but not the oldest. Before Frederick Wout switched sides, his experiments with Compound-V began under the jurisdiction of Adolf Hitler, and the scientist’s wife was first in line for a dose. Having moved to American shores, the ageless Mrs. Vaught bore various superhero nicknames, including Liberty and Storm Front.

As the two oldest soups in Boys’ mythology, the chances of Soldier and Storm Front knowing each other have always been high. Of course, Eric Kripke (showrunner) confirmed before the premiere of the third season of “Boys” that the characters of Jensen Ackles and Ai Cash really had a joint story, and this story is finally revealed thanks to “Gerogasm”. As the Soldier prepares to take revenge on the TNT twins along with new friends Billy Butcher and Huey Campbell, he reveals that the annual super party was organized by himself and another Vought veteran named Liberty, whom he describes as “fireworks.” This phrase raises an important question: when they weren’t having fun and (probably) weren’t sleeping together, did the Soldier, the infamous Nazi killer, know that Liberty considered Adolf her personal friend?

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Although the “Boys” do not explicitly address this issue, all signs indicate that the Boy Soldier remains in the dark about the fascist past of the Stormfront. The boy soldier calls Freedom a “firecracker”, which sounds like he remembers her simply as a strong-willed person with a sharp tongue and without fear when expressing his opinion. The joke here is that the Soldier Boy never realized that the cheeky young woman he once hung out with was actually a full-fledged Nazi.

The boy soldier who knows the big secret of the Stormfront also doesn’t match her backstory from the 2nd season of “Boys”. After the Vouts moved from Germany to the United States, Frederick’s wife was introduced as a superhero, and her dark past was completely buried, which only a few people knew about. the elite and influential church of the Collective Cult. A Soldier Boy would never have been privy to such sensitive information, and Stormfront is unlikely to have blabbed herself. As far as The Boys know, Stormfront told about her true identity to one person — a Homelander. Even then, she only revealed the truth because the Homelander represented the pinnacle of her husband’s work, and she needed his superior strength to lead a racist uprising. By all accounts, Stormfront and Soldier Boy were nowhere near close enough to share such juicy details.

When the Homelander found out the bitter truth about the Stormfront, he didn’t really care. The boys hint that the reaction of the Boy Soldier would be completely different. Before the Gerogasm mission, a Soldier Boy complains about the modern world to Butcher and Huey, recalling how he “fought for this country.” Jensen Ackles’ Captain America parody also seems generally less upsetting than his successor, Vaught, causing collateral damage by accident rather than because he’s a sociopath. The boy soldier may not be a saint, but even he could draw a line under jokes with the Nazis.

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