Did season 4 of “Very Strange Things” hide the death of a rather important character?


Attention: this article contains spoilers for season 4 of the TV series “Very Strange Things”.

The second volume of season 4 of “Very Strange Things” ends with some bitter losses, but there is the death of one character that the series may have hidden. The finale of the fourth season of “Very Strange Things” seems to be the most monumental finale of the show to date. The most devastating loss in the season 4 finale of “Very Strange Things” is Max — and although Eleven managed to save her life, it seems that Max will not be the same anymore, since Vecna deprived her of her sight, broke her limbs and put her into a coma. Nevertheless, amid this emotional flurry of deaths and tragedies, it was quite easy to miss and forget that the 4th season of “Very Strange Things” may have killed another rather important character, although his demise is not visible on the screen.

“Very strange Things” definitely aren’t afraid of a fake death. Dr. Brenner seemed to bite the dust in the first season of “Very Strange Cases”, but returned to Mentor Eleven in the fourth season, and Jim Hopper is living proof that even if the characters have funerals and a big send-off, it does not necessarily mean that they are dead.

During a military attack on an underground base in the desert, Dr. Sam Owens is handcuffed after an argument with Dr. Brenner. Owens tries to beg Lieutenant Colonel Jack Sullivan to spare Eleven, but his pleas are not needed, as Eleven is shot down by a military helicopter using his telekinetic abilities. While Eleven undoubtedly kills the soldiers in the helicopter and destroys all military equipment in the process, it seems that Owens and Sullivan survived the explosion, since they were underground at the time. However, they were not seen again until the end of season 4 of “Very Strange Things”, which caused many viewers to assume that they had died. Although Owens may not have died in the explosion, he would still be stuck in the desert with no vehicles to escape in, so getting out may be easier said than done. If Dr. Owens had really died in “Very Strange Cases,” it could have just been the editorial board’s decision to exclude this moment and leave it to the viewer’s discretion, but it seems a little strained.

How and why Dr. Owens may return in the fifth season of the TV series “Very strange things”

Since Dr. Owens’ dead body is not shown in “Very Strange Cases”, it is reasonable to assume that he will return in the fifth season of “Very Strange Cases”. desert, it’s going to be with Jack Sullivan. Sullivan is apparently still committed to the destruction of Eleven, believing she is responsible for the deaths at Hawkins. Of course, Owens knows more about the Eleven than most, especially after Dr. Brenner’s death. Therefore, it seems likely that Sullivan will view Owens as the key to finding Eleven and ultimately to her murder.

Sullivan may have difficulty extracting such information, as Owens has demonstrated a strong moral compass, such as when he challenged Dr. Brenner and insisted on giving Eleven the choice of whether to help her friends or not. So even if Owens is alive, he’s probably going to have a rough time in the fifth season of “Very Strange Cases,” and the military may use brutal tactics to try to get Owens to talk. However, it is unlikely that Owens will simply be tortured throughout the fifth season of “Very Strange Things”, and it is likely that he will be returned to the main cast. Whether this is the result of an elaborate escape plan or Owens finally collapses and reveals information about the Eleven remains to be seen. In any case, Owens can still play a key role, as he now understands Eleven’s powers better than anyone, and he can play a key role in unlocking her last potential on the way to defeating Vecna once and for all.