Did San From ATEEZ Really Snap His Finger? He Explains Himself


SAN from the male K-pop group ATEEZ kindly replied after some thought he was… jerking off.

On December 30, ATEEZ returned with a new album “SPIN OFF: FROM THE WITNESS”.

As part of the concept of this return, SAN wore a specially designed black leather glove on his right hand that covered only his thumb and index finger.

Although this glove looks very stylish, there is one big problem with it; when there is a black background on the back of his right hand, only three of his fingers are visible, which creates the illusion that he is fingering…

On January 5, ATEEZ appeared as a guest on the radio show Cultwo Show. In this case, San was asked to “clarify” the situation, and netizens discussed on the Internet that he could masturbate…

San explained: “It was definitely unintentional. It’s just an accident. It’s a glove that I often wear on stage, but it only has two fingers, a thumb and an index finger. When I make the V sign with this glove, the index finger sometimes disappears. But I had no intention of pointing the finger at anyone!”

Then the idol made an interesting suggestion that made many listeners laugh. He decided:

“But I feel very sorry for the fans who may have been victims of this accidental event, so personally I would be fine if on a very bad day, if our fans got really angry, they could show me the finger sometimes! »

We can say that this is a decision that we did not expect!


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