Did Prince Philip Cheat on Queen Elizabeth II, As The “Crown” Claims? The Queen’s Private Secretary Responds


“The Crown” is one of Netflix’s most successful but controversial shows. While the first four seasons of the show received positive and excellent reviews from both ordinary people and royal servants, the fifth franchise attracted a lot of criticism. The fifth season of The Crown is dedicated to the most scandalous scandal in royal history — the divorce of King Charles III and the death of Princess Diana.

In addition to Diana and Charles, there is another story in the series that the monarchists did not take very well. From the very beginning of the TV series, they presented Prince Philip as a man with a wandering gaze. Season 5 once again questioned Philip’s loyalty to his wife, Queen Elizabeth II. The latest installment of the show revealed the close friendship between the late royal family and the Countess Mountbatten of Burma, Penny Knatchbull, which caused a lot of surprise. Amid all the rumors and speculation, Queen’s former private secretary Dickie Arbiter has shed light on Prince Philip’s character.

Dickie Arbiter refutes rumors about Prince Philip’s infidelity after the release of the fifth season of The Crown

The queen’s former private secretary thought that The Crown was a good drama, but you should not take seriously all the events mentioned in it. The arbiter called Philip a storefront buyer. Although the late Prince flirted with many women, he never “bought” them and did not take any extreme actions.

He also defended the relationship between Prince Philip and Penny Knatchbull, saying they were good friends because they shared a common interest in driving a carriage. Countess Mountbatten of Burma lost her daughter and found a good companion in the Prince.

“There was a common interest in driving the crew in the relationship. Prince Philip took it up at the age of 71, suffering from arthritis and could no longer play polo. But she was really interested in driving the crew,” said Dickie Arbiter, speaking on Channel 4.

In addition, the Referee welcomed Prince Philip as a ladies’ man, attracting a lot of female attention. He was handsome, and ladies often fell for his charm. However, the prince knew his limits.

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