Did my hero academy just kill one of its most popular characters?


Below are spoilers for Chapter 362 of My Hero Academia, “Light Fades To Rain” by Kohei Horikoshi, available in English at Viz Media.

It wasn’t a fun chapter. And not for the reasons that you can immediately think of. Yes, art was phenomenal as always. Yes, the action was amazing. Watching Tamaki use his new move, and watching Bakugo’s attacks as he enters the fight again. Even the emotional part of the chapter was brought to the maximum with incredible tension, impressive scenes and dialogues. All this together should theoretically become one of the most fun and exciting chapters of this arch. But it had to pay too high a price.

Last week, Horikoshi left readers on Tamaki’s cliffhanger, turning his hand into a giant cornucopia. Shigiraki’s possession of All For One was almost complete, but the remnants of Tenko Shimura remained. They resisted in the last chapter, but the will of All For One sought to kill Bakugo, and the Big Three joined forces to create a powerful attack to finish off All For One, or at least knock him out for a while. time.


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