Did Meghan Markle Re-Record Her Interview On Stage To Break Silence About Queen Elizabeth II?


A month after Queen’s demise, Meghan Markle finally broke her silence. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were in the United Kingdom when the Queen passed away. Thus, they extended their stay to mark their presence at her service and state funeral. The royal family has introduced the idea of unity as Prince William, Kate Middleton, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been spotted together several times.

During the mourning period, Harry released an official statement to pay tribute to the late monarch. However, there was nothing from Markle, as she canceled her appearance on the red carpet, and her Spotify podcast was also postponed for a month. The former actress finally spoke about the Queen and her influence in her interview with Variety. Meghan called her late mother-in-law a shining example of female leadership.

Meghan Markle didn’t want to distract

The Variety interview was recorded eight days before the Queen’s death. It was supposed to be published in September, as the magazine decided to celebrate Meghan Markle in 2022 at Variety’s Power of Women contest. However, they held the cover during the official mourning. Since the article came out in October, the Duchess has rewritten some parts of the interview to talk about the Queen.

According to Variety, writer Matt Donnelly sat down with Meghan Markle again after her return to the United States. The 41-year-old wanted to express her thoughts about Her Majesty and her warm experience in the UK. The former actress also revealed the reason for the delay of her performance in front of Queen Elizabeth II. She did not want to distract attention from the mourning period and thus hid for the whole month.

“She worries that any comments about the Queen or her relatives will distract from the ongoing mourning, but insists on glorifying the icon,” Matt wrote in his Variety article “Meghan Markle relaxes vigilance: about the grieving Queen Elizabeth.” Producing with Harry and returning to Hollywood.


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