Did Lady Gaga leave Bad Bunny in “Seen”?


Bad Bunny has the dream of collaborating with Lady Gaga, but will have to wait even longer.

It does not matter that the singers are already very successful worldwide, they will always have idols whom they faithfully admire, and in the case of Bad Bunny, his greatest admiration is for the “Star is born” actress, with whom he dreams of collaborating one day .

According to the “Musical Mundial” medium, the famous one had an interview with Mega FM where he said that the singer ignored her vocals for the Chromatica album, and he was very excited, he thought it would be part of this album.

However, the famous one revealed that his managers disappointed him by telling him that he was “hanging on” for thinking that someone like Gaga could consider him for his album, since the vocals were not even sent, since the “Stupid Love” singer never answered.

“I asked my manager if he had sent my vocals to surprise me but unfortunately he said no, she did not answer, they even caught me as an asshole *”

Bad Bunny does not lose faith

The singer knows that getting to do a collaboration with Lady Gaga may sound like an unattainable dream, but he is sure that one day he will achieve it, as it is one of his professional goals.

“I will not put pressure on that, if it is going to happen, but my dream is to collaborate with her.”

However, those who do not think the same as him are Gaga’s fans, who think that The Bad Rabbit is not up to this famous, and even assure that the Oscar winner has rejected even Cher, they also consider that their musical styles they are not similar at all.

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The important thing is that our beloved Bad Bunny does not lose faith, and perhaps in the future we will see him fulfill this dream, as he has proven to be a very fan of the singer, so much so that we saw him wearing a Chromatica shirt when he went to the polls last weekend, as we informed you in Somagnews.


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