Did Kanye West Talk About Kim Kardashian’s Infidelity Through a Cryptic Message in THIS 2016 Song?


Kanye West had a tumultuous life married to Kim Kardashian. Kim hoped that the third time would be charming when she married Kanye West in a very public and luxurious ceremony back in 2014. They had four children named North, Pslam, Chicago and Saint. Although there were problems between the couple from time to time, the marriage lasted for a long eight years before the socialite decided to break up.

Their public breakup also led to Kanye wanting to get back to his wife by sending her a car full of roses. Following this, they continue to pursue her on social networks. She even started a memogenerating feud with her then-date Pete Davidson. But his love was not without flaws. The famous singer allegedly confessed to cheating on his wife with several women.

Kanye West once described his infidelity to Kim in detail

Kanye West didn’t really try to keep his cheating on Kim Kardashian a secret. The owner of Donda Academy actually confessed to cheating on his wife in 2016 after she gave birth to their second child, Saint West. According to the source, he also allegedly left cryptic messages about it in his song Hurricane.

The lyrics of the song were: “Here I go, acting too rich/Here I go with a new chick/ And I know what the truth is/ Still playing after two kids/ It digests a lot when your life is always on the move.”. But he wasn’t the only one who knew about it. The inner circle obviously knew that West was studying other women.

It was during his Saint Pablo tour in 2016. An insider told how the artist “went into crazy details about his sex sessions.” Also adding that “it was very graphic, his language was not real.” The Dark Fantasy singer struggled to describe how he cheated on Kim. Loved ones were laughing, covering their heads with their hands, and the new members of the film crew were in shock.

Although cheating would be just one of the many reasons for the couple’s divorce. His outbursts and opinions on social media were the main reason.

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