Did Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde flirt before the breakup?


Did Olivia Wilde (36 ) end their relationship because of Harry Styles (26)? A few days ago paparazzi pictures showed the actress and the One Direction star turtling and holding hands at a wedding. Since then it has been clear: Olivia and Harry are more than just work colleagues.

The new couple had apparently met a few months ago while shooting a joint film. At this point, however , Olivia was already taken – and even engaged! Allegedly, hot flirt messages between her and Harry should have led to the separation …

It wasn’t until November 2020 that the 36-year-old and her then fiancĂ© Jason Sudeikis (45) announced their end of relationship. As insiders told The Sun , Harry and Olivia should have gotten pretty close by this point.

Accordingly, the parents of two would only have broken their engagement after Jason had found clear messages from Harry on the cell phone of his partner at the time. “To see them together in public now is very difficult for him. But he is more sad than angry – and he even wants to win her back,” said the source. Harryshould have known nothing about the engagement. Allegedly, Olivia assured him from the start that she was solo.

But is there really something to these rumors? After all, it has been said so far that the screen beauty and the comedian have parted for good. In addition, according to other sources, the ex-couple should have gone their separate ways in early 2020, long before Olivia and Harry met.

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