Did Cristiano Ronaldo give it to you?


A few days ago, Georgina Rodríguez uploaded a video to Instagram showing that she spent a happy day with Cristiano Ronaldo and her children, in addition to living with other loved ones, in what she called “a celebration of life,” according to the words of Iván García, one of his friends.

In this video, at 3’34 ”, to be exact, the model wears a ring that this weekend transcended because a European site claims that it is the most expensive in the world.

The specialized site Gambling Deals assured that the jewel is a Cartier valued at 615,000 pounds ($ 833,000 dollars) and that there is no other more valuable in the world. It is a piece carved in gold and inlaid with diamonds and other stones that, supposedly, “The Commander” would have given her in the intimate meeting that is seen in the video, although no one has been able to confirm whether it was really a gift or she bought with the fruit of her work as a model and influencer.

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