Did BTS’s RM steal Zoro’s design for the song “Dynamite”?


Fans of One Piece and ARMY of BTS, noticed a peculiar resemblance of the singer RM with one of the anime characters.

One Piece has a host of characters to work with, but it goes without saying that some are more popular than others. Any of the Straw Hat Pirates can be considered a fan favorite, and there are some members of the crew who are above their friends.

Roronoa Zoro is one such protagonist, and anime fans are going crazy online after noticing how much a BTS member looks like the swordsman today. Since it seems that the leader of the group, RM, was the one who “plagiarized” in a fun way the pirate’s look.

The revelation came on Twitter from the user “glosselene”. This ARMY member has a keen interest in One Piece, which is why he was surprised when the K-Pop boyband made their August musical comeback and with a 100 percent English-language single.

BTS’s RM wearing Zoro’s look

BTS has broken records with the release of “Dynamite” and its number one spot on the Billboard Hot 100. But let’s face it. If you saw the Bangtan Boys and their live stage at the VMAs, you noticed that RM has a new hair color. Doesn’t this shade seem inspired by Eiichiro Oda’s Zoro?

One Piece fans caught on very quickly, and are freaking out about how the makeover turned Namjoon into one more member of the Straw Hat Pirates. As you can see from the tweets above, the link between Zoro and RM is real.

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Their tall frames and angular features make them a persid twin to each other, and that only becomes more apparent when their hair matches. Fans are now asking BTS to consider making an anime-centric comeback and delving into One Piece.

BTS as members of One Piece

And if that’s the case, the fandom is defending which characters the other BTS members can play. Obviously, Jimin would look adorable as Chopper, and Jungkook has what it takes to play Franky.

Sanji and Jin would work well together, and J-Hope radiates great vibes from Brook. V could have Usopp work on some prosthetics, and when it comes to Luffy, we can imagine Suga rocking the captain’s hat.

K-Pop and anime

After all, the world of K-Pop and anime are great allies. Their respective fandoms enjoy finding similarities like RM and Zoro’s. Even the group TXT that belongs to the same agency as BTS, already has one of their songs as “opening” in Black Clover and has released a music video inspired by Haikyuu.


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