Dick’s Joke from A-Train the Boys Season 3 is Colder Than You Think


Attention! There are spoilers ahead for the third season of “Boys.”

A-Train’s offensive hit on a Vought employee in season 3 of The Boys is actually an icy reference to season 1. In a little over two seasons, Amazon’s The Boys have created a depressingly believable, impressively rich world full of corrupt superheroes and corporate executives who are somehow even worse. While the likes of Billy Butcher and Starlight are understandably grabbing headlines, “Boys” is full of unsung heroes-minor characters who make this universe more colorful and vibrant. Seth Reed, played by Malcolm Barrett, is one of those unsung heroes. Seth, a PR man working for Vought, has been working since the debut season of The Boys, often offering marketing ideas that are terrible, offensive or terribly offensive.

But Seth isn’t the only one who insults people in season 3 of “Boys” “The Only Man in the Sky.” A long-suffering marketer is called upon by a desperate A-Train to help revive his career after running away. Among the erroneous ideas that A-Train presents to Seth are a documentary series on how to “get in touch with your roots”, called “A-Train To Africa” and a virtual reality video game based on the slave trade, called “The Middle Passage”. After the pitch gets terrible, Seth points out that A-Train “doesn’t care about [its] African roots,” to which the not-so-fast speedster replies, “Yeah? Dick.”

At first glance, this insult seems like an ordinary, youthful, low-grade blow about Seth’s confidence and masculinity, but in fact this phrase refers to a scene from the first season of “Boys”. When Billy Butcher and Hugh Campbell attended a support meeting for victims of super-present damage, Seth Reed was among the participants. He shyly admitted that during a previous sexual encounter with a superhero who had the power of ice, the partner reached orgasm and completely froze his penis. Rumor has it that he hasn’t been able to watch “Cold Heart” since. Thus, the insult to A-Train in season 3 of “Boys” is quite literal. Somehow, rumors spread through the Seventh Tower about Seth’s frosty situation below.

It’s small, sloppy, subtle echoes like this that glue together the fictional world of The Boys. Even minor characters have their own bizarre backstory, tragic circumstances and missing appendages. Other examples of how similar colors are added to build the world in season 3 of “Boys” include revealing the fate of Madeleine Stillwell’s son, explaining the mask of Black Noir, and drawing a narrative thread between Grace Mallory and the Soldier. Everything is connected, whether it’s a hidden connection between two soups or a Vought PR man complaining about the lack of genitals at a support meeting attended by Butcher and Huey. These interconnected details are an important reason why “The Boys” continues to attract attention in the third season.

A-Train’s brutal reminder of Seth’s missing dong also works hand in hand with the infamous termite scene from the season 3 premiere of “Boys.” Just like Seth’s Arctic adventure, an untimely accident during sex led to a parody of Ant-Man leaving a bloody mess on the floor, which grew back to normal size after entering his partner’s mine. These examples simply show that, regardless of contraception, super-sex is rarely safe sex. Not every subject of Compound-V glows with satisfaction when he reaches a climax, and soups are not only dangerous when they try to kill you, but also dangerous when they try to love.

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